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For a driver with a van booking

Please fill in the form below to arrange your booking, and we will contact you as soon as possible to confirm

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If your booking is needed within the next 48 hours then please call our office before filling out the form below on 01242 700014 to confirm driver availability.

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01242 700014

Driver With A Van Booking Form

Alternatively, tick if no address is near where Cotswold Delivery Company is located but you understand bookings further away may involve more mileage.
Can be found on any previous invoice.
If left blank we will assume your company does not requires a purchase order.
Weekends will incur an overtime charge.
If possible please add an alternative date or a range of dates, just in case the ideal booking date isn't available.
FIXED BOOKING: The driver will be at the time sensitive address at the time you require but will cost £25 extra. | | | FLEXIBLE BOOKING: We will choose a time for you with a 4-hour window on your requested day and notify you in advance.
For example (Collection Address or Delivery Address 1 or Delivery Address 2).
If only 1 van is required leave as 1.
If only the driver is required leave as 0.
If any more addresses please enter them in this box (address 3 (address), address 4 (address)......).
Please describe any information that may affect the time needed to complete the booking, include stairs or a long walk from parking to delivery address etc.
We will add any tolls or paid parking to the invoice (including congestion charge).
Valid promotional codes are only found via our website, social media, marketing materials or an email we sent to you. Promotional codes from third party sources may not be valid. Valid promotional codes entered will be discounted from the final invoice.
● I am responsible to make sure there is adequate access and parking at all addresses during the duration of the booking.
● I must make sure there will be adult over the age of 18 available and waiting at all addresses that requires access.
● I may need to be contacted by phone during the duration of the booking in case any issues arise.
● I need to check any items needing a forklift or large items must be able to fit in the vehicle and are possible to be un/loaded at all stops.
● I understand the vehicles legal loaded payload limit is 1285kg including the driver and fuel.
● I must be sure any large items including furniture will have adequate room to be able to be moved to the required location and will fit once there. Also I understand all parts of the route to the location must be safe for the drivers (no going up ladders, overhanging furniture on a balcony etc.)
● I understand any items that are to be outside any address without a signature must be agreed in advance in writing via email or a signed note must be left at the address, (the note must be signed, name printed and says the location the goods are required to be placed). In addition, the note must be in an obvious location and the driver is able to take the note with them.

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