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Why we Needed a Brand New Website

A website becoming out of date

Welcome to our new website, we thought it was time for a fresh new look on a website that can help us work closer with our customers and make booking our services a little easier.

Our old website had served us well for many years but it was starting to look rather out dated, so we thought instead of trying to patch it up we would start fresh. It was also lacking in useful features, so we hope you enjoy the brand new features that we have added.

Do you recognise our old website?

The old website served us well for many years, but it was looking rather dated and not up to the standard we wanted for our customers.

A screen shot of the landing page for Cotswold Freight

Plenty of great new features

Our new site has plenty of new features that was lacking before, these are some of the new additions.

● A post page that gives us the ability to update our customers with news about our company, posts about information which we think you will find useful and if you keep an eye out we may add discounts off our services.

● We now display our prices for our driver with a van booking, and even have an accurate estimated cost calculator so no need to send an email and wait for a quote.

● Separate booking forms for parcel bookings and driver with a van bookings, so now all the information will go straight to where it is needed streamlining our bookings, and make each form more relevant.

● There is now a separate testimonial form, so any customer can write about their experience with our company and share it with other customers directly on our site.

● If you like to keep a copy of the prices handy there is a PDF version of our costs on the pricing page, so now you can print off our prices in A4 format with just a click, nice and easy.

● No need to call over a basic question we now have a FAQ page, so our customers can find an answer quick and easily for many frequently asked questions.

A fresh new look

A screen shot of Cotswold Delivery Companies landing page

We have a brand new site

Have a look through our pages and posts to see everything our new site has to offer.

We now have loads of useful features including the ability to place bookings, leave testimonials and write post comments.

Keep an eye out for our new posts that will include useful information and even discounts.
We hope you enjoy our new website and that it helps make you experiences with our company even better. If you notice any errors please feel free to let us know using our contact page, as we want to make this website as polished as possible for our customers.

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